The Brief

The main object of Wellpet is to sell premium dog food online and offline. Already having a website, the owners of the project realized that they weren’t conveying the message and image they wanted to their customers, neither as a company nor for the value of their premium products.

The Challenge

To create the image of a premium product combined with the image of a modern company.

Project Duration

July 2022 – October 2022



As with any project, competitive research is essential. In Greece, I would say that there are not many similar companies, but mostly pet food stores. The solution was to focus the research on websites outside of Greece and always in combination with the fact that Wellpet is mainly addressed to a Greek audience, the necessary information was obtained for the continuation of the project.

Completion of the Branding

Until the moment of our cooperation with Wellpet, the only element of their corporate identity was probably the logo. It was a good start, but after consultation with the owners of Wellpet, we agreed that we needed elements that would tie in with the logo and complete the whole corporate identity.

UI Design

Having created all the necessary elements to complete the corporate identity, I had to design something that would give the image of an online store and at the same time a website with information about the specific object.

The whole process was divided into stages, starting with the creation of sketches for each page, before moving on to wireframing and the final design.

It was the details that made the difference, such as food meters for each type of dog.

Custom Graphic Elements

I designed custom graphic elements that fulfil the whole branding of Wellpet, besides the website.

UI Design


Photo Consultant

UI Design

Information Architecture

Website Implementation

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