Tailored Myth

The Brief

The concept behind the whole project was the creation of a company/website that would allow the user to create personalized luxury holidays in Greece in simple steps, while taking a picture of Greece and the experiences it can offer in addition to the well-known Greek tourism.

The Challenge

To create a user-centered interface, for a unique concept, which will lead to bookings. The ingormation was huge and had to be organised in a way that will be informative and attractive at the same time.

Project Duration

November 2016 – February 2017


Market Research

At this point, I could find only one company with familiar services here in Greece. This was a challenge by itself! I begun with a secondary research, gathered many data for incoming tourism and especially from more wealthy countries. The service wouldn’t be cheap, so we had to aim specific audience. The outcomes of the reseach were:

  1. Rich middle age people and wealthy families were the main target audience.
  2. Price is the biggest obstacle.
  3. Quality and uniqueness on services were must for the project to succeed.
  4. Competition tender to offer custom services which in the end didn’t meet the expectations.


Finding a unique name and logo was the beginning of everything. The concept of it is a combination of two sub-concepts of the same object, with different use: The compass needle and the needle of sewing. These two objects are allegorically used to create a very strong connection to the object, that is to say vacation and adventure with the customization offered to the user. So, we have each destination indicated by the compass, being stitched to each individual’s preferences.

UI Design

I was asked for very detailed wireframes for both desktop and mobile devices to eliminate possible doubts at an early stage.

Especially, the navigation concept, which was tested with interactive click dummies, was quite a challenge because of the huge amount of content that should have been neatly structured at this point.

Particular attention was paid to the final form in which the user is driven, in order to send few information which will describe the ideal holidays for him/her in Greece.




UI Design

A small peak



Information Architecture

Branding & Identity

UI Design

Website Implementation


Photo Consultant

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