Peristeri BC

The Brief

The basketball team of Peristeri BC is back in the 1st Greek basketball league after many years. It’s a new start for them, so we worked together for a new website.


The process started by discussing overall goals for the site with the Peristeri team and then sketching up initial ideas to make sure that the content of each page was the correct visual metaphor for each of the topics on the site.
There was a lot of back and forth at this stage, making sure that the chosen visual metaphor lined up with the point that Peristeri wanted to make about their website and their new beginning as a team.
Unusually, the final layouts for this project weren’t finalised until the very end, I experimented with various schemes throughout. I personally feel that some of the options are perhaps more original and could be used to setup a more unique overall look and feel. But, I totally understand their final choices, they didn’t want something that would be too challenging or different from a basketball team’s website.

Different website layouts

Website views

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