The Brief

I worked with the team of MINISCO, a surgery center of young orthopedics, based in Athens, Greece. It was an eye-opening experience.
MINISCO wanted to promote a friendly approach to their orthopedic center, but most importantly, their overall look and feel needed to be easily understandable, modern and in some ways, minimalistic.

The Challenge

The Head of the orthopedic center wanted to add many medical and scientific information, regarding orthopedic surgery. Navigation would be challenging.
He also mentioned that in rush hours, they were loosing some calls which could be possible lead to appointments.

Project Duration

May 2021 – July 2021



I did market research to learn about thιs specific medical industry’s requirements and the important aspects of doctor websites.

  1. Most similar websites weren’t responsive and didn’t include a method to book an online appointment.
  2. There was a lack of medical information and most of the websites relied in the context of the simplest information, which concerned the respective doctor and his practice in basic level.

It was obvious from Google Analytics that there were many visitors that didn’t convert in appointments. We conducted a small usability study from which it came out that everyone was looking an online way to make an appointment. The solution was obvious, an online booking form for appointment and also if somone would like a second opionion for his condition 🙂

UI Design

The process started when I created a colourful set of medical icons that influenced the whole design process and led onto how data is displayed on the website.
The design of the wensite reflects this, using simple, yet brightly coloured sections, alongside photography and custom iconography.
The navigation concept was quite a challenge because of the huge amount of content that should have been properly structured.
A final survery showed that icons made navigation easier.

Custom Graphic Elements

UI Design


UI Design

Information Architecture

Website Implementation

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