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A different Challenge

LEFU is an exciting leather and eco-aware fur Etsy shop. Kind for a startup for us back in the days. After 3 years we’ve operated on Etsy with products which proved difficult to sale, I was time for new approach a total reboot in some areas. New branding, new setup of the online shop, new photo shooting and new ways to increase sales and establish new coperations.
I have worked extensively in developing the brand and its marketing strategy, customer service, achieving 
a strong number of sales for a limited number of products, while also building a network of loyal customers and wholesalers (byers and sellers).

Project still going with great results!

Main Services

Working with great people, brings great results.

Over the last few years, the challenges I had to deal with have increased. Τhe numbers we got, had everybody smiling.

Branding & Identity


Content & Photo Consultant

Financial Analytics



Some old stats

Photo Shooting

What they say

“ I am so pleased with my purchase of the hat. It is made very well, and the fur is gorgeous! ”
- Lynne Mullins
“Return shopper. Very pleased again! Great style, length and quality. Thank you!!”
- Jennifer
“Absolute amazing work and exactly what I wanted. Very nice contact and also great quality of fur and leather. Very pleased and satisfied and will definitely buy again. Highly recommend this shop for everyone …many thanks”
- Tanja Löscher
“Very comfortable slippers. Warm and cuddly inside. Would them everytime recommend to buy.”
- Peter

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