Lacanea Living

The Brief

Lacanea Living relies on the concept of a visitor of Chania to experience his visit and stay as a local. So they created a residence and want to achieve to organize the whole living experience of a visitor, providing other services too in the future. Their future goal is to create more similar residences and expand their services.



The logo was the beginning of everything. The concept of it begins and ends with the open circle, which represents the warmth and hospitality Lacanea can offer, by letting each visitor enter and be “protected” at the same time.
I was asked for many detailed examples to have a integrated view of the branding.

Particular attention was paid to the colors and fonts I’ve used, in order to fulfil the branding Lacanea needed.

UI Design

I was asked for very detailed wireframes for both desktop and mobile devices to eliminate possible doubts at an early stage.

Especially, the presentation of the residence, which was tested with interactive click dummies, was quite a challenge because of the amount of amenities that should have been neatly structured at this point.



Custom Graphic Elements

I designed custom graphic elements that fulfil the whole branding of Lacanea, besides the website.

A small peak

Branding & Identity

Photo Shooting Consultant

Information Architecture


UI Design

Website Implementation

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