Karnell Lift

The Brief

After many years of dominating in elevators area here in Athens, Karnell Lift team decided to create a new website. They actually asked more than a classic website, they wanted to use it as a tool in order to inform their visitors with news and updates from their business area and not only.

The Challenge

To give a modern look in a website that has to do with elevator services. According to competitors and public opinion, it’s a service that no one’s looking online and goes mouth to mouth. 

Project Duration

January 2019 – March 2019



The process started with a secondary research on the specific industry area, in order to check their competition and trends. I wanted to break the line of their mostly conservative area and create something much more modern. Karnell’s Lift team were really opened to any suggestion so it was really fun to create what I had in mind.
I contucted a small survey in 3 personas which showed that users wanted more tangible information such as service packages and what they include.

UI Design

The design was relied on company’s branding. The logo has the to “l” in an italic form, something that represent the up and down lift. That was the element I worked with and represent in many parts of the website. Good quality photos was a must in order to keep a clean and professional look.

UI Design

A small peak


UI Design

Information Architecture

Website Implementation

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