GAIA Green Works

The Brief

Angelos Pikiokos, the owner of GAIA decided to make a rebranding, starting by the name, logo and finally the website. It was a really pleasure working with him from the beginning to the end. We started with his goals, the feeling his business wants to adapt and how we will communicate this.

The Challenge

To create a visual digital identity that would make the visitor understand the nature of the GAIS’a services immediately.

Project Duration

September 2020 – Novemver 2020



Respecting the wish of Angelos, I created a logo with green and grey color. 
The shovel was the key of the logo, presupposing the visitor for the services GAIA offers. After the integration of the logo, we proceed with the rest graphic elements which complete the branding. Business cards, stickers for GAIA’s cars were the final deliverables of the project.

UI Design

The website needed to be direct and simple, in order to inform the visitor for the services at a high-level. I created a form in order for the visitor to be able to get an offer for his project immediately from the website.
Finally, we decided with Angelos to create a blog in order to write articles regarding his business area, something will give a more informative role to the website, plus it will help its SEO.



UI Design

A small peak


Branding & Identity

UI Design

Information Architecture

Website Implementation

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