Fix Your Car

The Brief

Random discussions with friends and the common daily search for a “good ideas” lead me to realize that many people face a difficulty in finding a reliable car repair shop. After a lot of consideration and discussions, I came up with this idea, which is reflected in these design templates.

The final idea was a website that would connect people with car-shops in their area. The user will describe his/her car needs with all the necessary details, while close-by repair shops selected by the users that meet their specific needs would make their offer.
I have analyzed and gathered elements and statistics for the whole business part of the idea and I have created a number of scenarios with users and professionals in a period of three years.

For customers

Owning a car should be hassle free. So the concept was to remove the hassle of finding a great local garage or mechanic to fix your car.

For professionals

For garages, mechanics and dealerships we deliver quality local customers right into your inbox.

Website layouts


General use cases based on personas, information architecture and detailed wireframes for the whole digital appearance followed.
This appearance was structured into modules with a limited amount of additional functionalities and supportive tools which build the framework for an engaging experience.
This approach provided a number of possibilities to setup unique pages without forcing relevant and well elaborated content into steady templates.

Like it? Maybe someday will be online.


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