The Brief

FARMA is a beautiful restaurant, located at the promenade of marina Flisvou, Faliro Athens.
I worked with the team of FARMA with success using their detailed graphic creations that I used all over the website.

Photographs is everything in projects like these, so I tried to make the best out of it. The decoration, the plates, the cuisine, the location, everything is great at FARMA and I tried to provide that through the website.


I’ve used a set of unique animal designs that team of FARMA provided me, almost for every page and used the same eye catchy fonts that are used on logo.

Small graphic details can be found all around the website and the goal was a playful feel in combination with a professional touch. The logo was already there with its colors, so everything started from there.

P.S. You should definitely visit FARMA, the food is amazing and the location unique!

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UI Design

Website Implementation

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