The Brief

Companies offering micromobility services have grown globally in recent years. This is also the subject of the Germany-based EVEDIMA. Their purpose was to create a branding from scratch, with the aim of communicating their services as simply and comprehensibly as possible.

The Challenge

To make the user understand the specific fiels of services as easily as possible and at the same time present all the necessary information.

Project Duration

February 2021 – May 2021



The brief I was given was detailed, however research was needed to dive even deeper into the specific subject and understand exactly what they offer. In such situations, I always start from the competition, gathering information about what everyone is doing, good or bad, analyzing the data and comparing it to my customer’s services, I come up with the best possible solution.


My client had already pre-decided on the color scheme, which I would say was a good start. He wanted something simple, understandable, communicative and at the same time modern.
Combining the location point with the plug symbol was the simplest and most understandable solution, on which to base the whole branding.

UI Design

As already mentioned, a simple understandable website was requested. Since the information to be presented was small and SEO was not a major concern, the one page website was the solution. In combination with the creation of custom icons and illustrations, I could convey the message of EVEDIMA and create a comprehensive image of its services at the same time



Custom Graphic Elements

I designed custom graphic elements that fulfil the whole branding of EVEDIMA, besides the website.

UI Design


Branding & Identity

UI Design

Information Architecture

Website Implementation

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