The Brief

I have created Eltech’s website when the company started with 3 employes and 20 clients. After 12 years, they’ve expand their business around Greece, becoming a company with more than 200 clients and 15 employes.
At this point, they realize that it was the time for a new website. They’ve already created a new modern logo, so the purpose was to create a new website that it will boost up their online presence.

The Challenge

To give a modern look in a website that has to do with elevator services. According to competitors and public opinion, it’s a service that no one’s looking online and goes mouth to mouth. 

Project Duration

April 2019 – May 2019



The research has already be done for another client of mine with elevator services, Karnel Lift.

UI Design

Rounded elements, bold fonts and nice quality images, would be the solution to create a modern website for Eltech.
We’ve recreated their informational structure, in order to be clear for the visitor to find what he’s looking for and make it easier to contact.
The solution for the main navigation was the side menu, expanding to their main services and products as more modern approach.

UI Design

A small peak


UI Design

Information Architecture

Website Implementation

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