The Brief

EIPAK operated for many years with the website created by the EIPAK team. Having now matured as an Institute and having greatly developed its services and products, the upgrade of the website was one way.

The Challenge

Their main concern, apart from the modern presentation, was the implementation of an online store that will cover the high and demanding combined needs of their products and services.

  • Different prices per membership level
  • Sales of services and products with different shipping pricing policies
  • Combined discount rates per service
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Automatic membership subscription notifications
  • Seminar organization and registration through the website
  • And many more

Project Duration

March 2020 – June 2020


Information Architecture

We agreed from the beginning that the whole information architecture had to rebuild, in order for the user to be more comfortable to find what he’s looking for.
So a totally new menu/submenus were designed.

UI Design

EIPAK had some guides they had to follow on their website and I proceed according to them.
My purpose was to keep the existing prestige of EIPAK as an Institute but at the same time to give a modern look, because high percentage of their visitors are young.
The colors of their logo were used and I paid a lot of attention to the structure of the website, as the material that had to be presented was a lot.
Finally, the most important part was the proper construction of the online store so that visitors have a clear navigation and the least possible interaction by phone with the EIPAK team.


Having worked for many years with the previous website which was implemented in WordPress, the wish of EIPAK team was to implement the new website in WordPress.
After research and testing, I used many plugins which served the implementation of the demanding functions of the website.
Of course, the purpose was for the EIPAK team to have the management of the website, which is why I offered them many hours of training, in order for them to learn all the functions and possibilities of their website.


According to Google analytics, in the first 6 months after we’ve launched the website, visits increased by 130%, sales by 89%, bounce rate dropped to 36%  and most importantly, the EIPAK team now has a tool to rely on, having reduced daily interaction with visitors as all its questions are solved through the website.

UI Design

A small peak

Information Architecture

UI Design

Website Implementation

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