Diogenis Store

The Brief

Diogenis Store started operating as a physical store, selling mostly house devices and built an e-commerce site with thousands of electronic (mostly) products.
The back end developing was great, but the UI needed rebuild. That was my role and challenge.

The Challenge

They were already operating many years with their old website, the number of their products increased rapidly, so their user had a hard time to navigate and find what he was looking for. The main challenge was to create a UI that was able to make users navigation easy and at the same time, predict the possibility of more product categories.

Project Duration

February 2021 – April 2021


The problem was obvious and the solution was obvious as well.
The product’s structure was the beginning of everything. I had to recreate their whole information structure in bigger categories, in order to be easier for someone to navigate step by step and also to prevent categories with just one product.
Using custom designed icons on the two first levels and filters to the rest was the best solution and made navigation much easier.
Finally, besides among others, I redesigned the card steps in order to be simpler for the user to complete his purchase.





Custom Graphic Elements

UI Design

A small peak


UI Design

Information Architecture

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