The Brief

New idea, new project!
Through the difficult times of covid-19, many new ideas came up by many people. One of those is this 🙂 You want a narghile? We can bring it home!
The brief was simple, but simple things are usually the hardest to achieve. With the minimum required steps, someone can order a narghile with his choice of flavors. Direct communication, easy and enjoyable UX/UI, made this project really fun.



Since I got the project from its birth, I started by creating the logo. I wanted to achieve simple, memorable and straight to the point. We decided with the owners not to add any colors but keep it in neutral colors of black and white.

The font was chosen with the fact of reliability but at the same time, keep it close to the target group of the company, which is mostly ages between 21 and 35.
Straight quote message made the logo memorable and successful.


The website needed to be a relatively simple set of one pages to explain Argileh’s products and services at a high-level.
I decided to keep it really simple by making it a one-page website. The visitor can navigate really easy and with 3 clicks to make his order.


The whole business relies mostly on its website as the main tool of sales. It’s been online for 3 months and the success it’s already here, as it’s number one result on Google!



Website views


Branding & Identity

UI Design

Website Implementation

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