Amoopi Nymfes

The Brief

Amoopi is a family friendly resort in Karpathos, made with love from a Greek, Karpathian family.
Τhey renovated all their rooms, to be precise they added more and it was time for a rebranding.

The Challenge

They were already operating many years with their old website and after their renovation the categories of the rooms, what they offer as well as the surrounding areas had to be presented correctly and clearly.

Project Duration

December 2021 – February 2022



Sun and sea are the main and most important elements of Greek islands. Amoopi is one of the most famous beaches of the island and Amoopi Resort is the only one at that beach. After the resort’s renovation, the goal was to create a branding worthy of the resort and the physical location that surrounds it.

UI Design

The goal was to expose the main three pillars of the resort. “Stay”, “Taste” and “Discover”. Bounce time on their old website was high, so the whole information had to be simpler and direct to its guests. The first 3 months, the results were -35% on bounce time.



Custom Graphic Elements

UI Design

A small peak


Branding & Identity

UI Design

Information Architecture

Website Implementation

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